Weekly House Cleaning Singapore

Cleaning Your Home Once A Week...

No more cleaning on your own….

You may be the type who is not at home most of the time, or that you do not want to engage a full time maid or you are most of the time working or flying overseas for business trips. Whatever you do, we can help you clean your house for you.

Our part time cleaners are verified and have screened backgrounds - so this alone will help you ease your worries.

Here is the list of things our part time cleaners will be cleaning in your house.

  1. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor 
  2. Mopping the floor 
  3. Dusting furniture
  4. Washing dishes
  5. Clearing of rubbish 
  6. Hang drying of clean wet clothes, once a week 
  7. Ironing of clothes once a week

Here are the rates for cleaning your house once a week.

Our prices vary based on:

  • Location within Singapore (our cleaners need to travel to you)
  • Size of Home/Property

Weekly House Keeping Services Package Deals

Estimated Floor Area  

Estimated Price 

<1000 Square Feet 


1001-1200 Square Feet 


1201 - 1320 Square Feet 

$380 - $400 

1401 - 1500 Square Feet 

$420 - $450 

1501 - 1600 Square Feet 

$480 - $520 

1601 - 1750 Square Feet 

$520 - $580 

1801 - 1900 Square Feet 

$580 - $630 

1901 - 2100 Square Feet 

$630 - $680 

2101 - 2280 Square Feet 

$680 - $800 

>2280 Square Feet 

Request for custom estimate 


 House Cleaning Quote  Prices stated herein only serve as a guideline.
Final Price will be based on the quotation given.

Note that charges vary on our cleaning staff home location. Our network of cleaning staff is from all over Singapore. 

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Client Testimonials

 Although the apartment looks a bit too big for the 2 cleaners, they did an excellent job to clean every single corner of all rooms, especially the built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Thank you very much! - Ma Yun, Maple

 Thank you very much for cleaning my house last week. I was so pleased to go home after work and see how clean and fresh my house was and smelled wonderful (that was a clean house). I look forward to you coming again. - Sarah (Holland Drive)

 Thank you for taking care of our house like it is your own. You make our home look immaculate. Having your service has allowed me to spend more time with my family. We are extremely pleased with the level of service provided by the housekeeper who is maintaining our home currently.- Karen C. (Bukit Timah)




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