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The Advantages Of Weekly Cleaning Vs One Time Cleaning

By CleaningServices On May 10, 2010 | 2,782 views | Under House Cleaning Info

You might be thinking, are there advantages over our two different house cleaning services?

Here are some of the advantages of our weekly house cleaning compare to one time house cleaning:

1) It is much more affordable. Yes, if you do the calculation, the cost of a weekly cleaning session for 3 hours is actually $60 which means it is only $20 per hour. However for one time cleaning it will be $120 for 4 hours which means $30 per hour. Of course the longer you used our weekly service, the more affordable it will be. For our weekly cleaning services clients – keep a lookout for a special offer from us.

2) It is more healthy for your family. Yes, health is very important to all of us. With a cleaner and dust-free house – this will mean your family will be protected from germs because of the cleanliness from using weekly house cleaning. A continuous constant cleaning sessions is the key to having a dust-free home.

3) More time for your family and work. You know that cleaning takes up time. And to some, time is money and even quality time with our loved ones. I do not know about you, house cleaning is not of one chores that will make you additional money – perhaps maybe some quality time with your family… but I doubt that your family will clean the house with you (unless it’s New Year Spring Cleaning Time).

4) You do not like someone (not of your family or friend) to live in your house. I have heard some of our clients telling us their main reason for using our weekly house cleaning is because they are not comfortable living with some stranger. So they prefer to have a part time day maid, cleaning on a weekly basis.

But of course not everyone wants weekly house cleaning – they may be looking for one time cleaning for their moving in, post-renovation, rental house, etc… What ever you prefer, you can always contact us and we will advise on which cleaning packages is suitable for you.

Contact us now for weekly or one time house cleaning – Make Your Home Clean and Dust-Free With Us!


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