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Cleaning Kit For Our Cleaning Services (No Longer Available)

By CleaningServices On June 17, 2010 | 5,157 views | Under House Cleaning Info, Tenancy Cleaning

Attention: Our cleaning kit delivery is no longer available, thank you for your support.

I realised that sometimes that when we go to client’s home for cleaning services, the owners do not have any cleaning equipments or cleaning solutions in the house. Reason been is that they are moving in or moving out of the house. Most of them are tenants renting the house.

That is why we decided to offer a add on cleaning kit for those who do not have any cleaning equipments and solutions.

Below are the items included in the cleaning kit:

a) Broom with dust pan
b) Mop with pail (2 medium pail)
c) Table cloths (6 pcs)
d) Window solution spray
e) Kitchen solution spray
f) Toilet solution
g) All purpose cleaning solution
h) Green wool scrub with sponge (3 pcs)
g) All purpose cleaning brush (1 pcs)

The add on cleaning kit will be $80 per set. It will be send to your home together with the maid/s who will be cleaning your home. Once the cleaning is done, the cleaning kit will be yours.

This cleaning kit is optional, you do not need to buy it from us if you do not have the cleaning equipments and cleaning solutions. You can choose to buy your preferred equipment and solution brands. As long as the equipments are in the house which will be used by our maids.

Click cleaning services form here to contact us for house cleaning.

Attention: Our cleaning kit delivery is no longer available, thank you for your support.


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