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Archive for the ‘House Cleaning Info’ Category

New Time Slot For Our Cleaning Services

By CleaningServices On December 21, 2010 NO COMMENTS

In order to serve you better and to have better management from our part, we decided to have two time slot for cleaning daily. It will be 9am and 2pm slot.

We are taking into consideration that an average cleaning time is 3 or 4 hours, so our maid will have at least an hour’s time to rush to the other cleaning job. Our cleaning time has change as well, it will be from 9am to 6pm.

The cleaning services pricing remains unchanged. If you have interest in using our cleaning services, use the cleaning service contact form to contact us.

Not Cleaning Home Frequently Will Affect Your Health

By CleaningServices On September 12, 2010 NO COMMENTS

We have a few clients who really really like to have their homes kept clean. They are really concerned about cleanliness and thanks to them – our housekeeping staff are kept busy as they clean their spotless homes everyday.

Yep – every single day.

One of the main reason why your home should be cleaned regularly is because of health and hygiene reasons.

In Singapore, dust accumulates fast. Regularly polishing to trap dust on your cleaning cloth and removing dust by vacuuming will give you cleaner air for you to breathe at home.

Regular vacuuming is a great way to keep dust and dirt from accumulating and making allergies kick up.

Take the time also to toss those bedsheets into the laundry! It really helps to make you FEEL the clean difference.

In Singapore, where the tropical and humid climate encourages mould growth – it is absolutely necessary to prevent moisture from accumulating. This means regular finding and scrubbing with bleach-based cleaners.

Is the idea of cleaning your home and list of to-dos is scaring you a little bit? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Let us help you. Fill up the form to get your free no-obligation house cleaning quote. We will contact you soon.

No Laundry In Our One Time Cleaning Services

By CleaningServices On July 15, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Our 1 time cleaning services is targeted to post renovation cleaning, move in cleaning or move out cleaning, ad-hoc cleaning and spring cleaning. As long as it’s something on cleaning, we are okay to do the work.

Just recently, an inquiry for one time cleaning for moving into a new house. There was an additional work that need to be included, and it was to wash the window curtains for the whole house. Although there was washing machine with washing detergent and a ladder on site, but we had to politely decline in doing it.

The main reason why we do not take up laundry is that it will not help the maid focus on cleaning. I have asked most of the maids, that they would prefer to do cleaning only and not other stuff during the one time cleaning, as we are limited by the time the owners give us, and they have to act fast and professionally.

Cleaning Kit For Our Cleaning Services (No Longer Available)

By CleaningServices On June 17, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Attention: Our cleaning kit delivery is no longer available, thank you for your support.

I realised that sometimes that when we go to client’s home for cleaning services, the owners do not have any cleaning equipments or cleaning solutions in the house. Reason been is that they are moving in or moving out of the house. Most of them are tenants renting the house.

That is why we decided to offer a add on cleaning kit for those who do not have any cleaning equipments and solutions.

Below are the items included in the cleaning kit:

a) Broom with dust pan
b) Mop with pail (2 medium pail)
c) Table cloths (6 pcs)
d) Window solution spray
e) Kitchen solution spray
f) Toilet solution
g) All purpose cleaning solution
h) Green wool scrub with sponge (3 pcs)
g) All purpose cleaning brush (1 pcs)

The add on cleaning kit will be $80 per set. It will be send to your home together with the maid/s who will be cleaning your home. Once the cleaning is done, the cleaning kit will be yours.

This cleaning kit is optional, you do not need to buy it from us if you do not have the cleaning equipments and cleaning solutions. You can choose to buy your preferred equipment and solution brands. As long as the equipments are in the house which will be used by our maids.

Click cleaning services form here to contact us for house cleaning.

Attention: Our cleaning kit delivery is no longer available, thank you for your support.

The Advantages Of Weekly Cleaning Vs One Time Cleaning

By CleaningServices On May 10, 2010 NO COMMENTS

You might be thinking, are there advantages over our two different house cleaning services?

Here are some of the advantages of our weekly house cleaning compare to one time house cleaning:

1) It is much more affordable. Yes, if you do the calculation, the cost of a weekly cleaning session for 3 hours is actually $60 which means it is only $20 per hour. However for one time cleaning it will be $120 for 4 hours which means $30 per hour. Of course the longer you used our weekly service, the more affordable it will be. For our weekly cleaning services clients – keep a lookout for a special offer from us.

2) It is more healthy for your family. Yes, health is very important to all of us. With a cleaner and dust-free house – this will mean your family will be protected from germs because of the cleanliness from using weekly house cleaning. A continuous constant cleaning sessions is the key to having a dust-free home.

3) More time for your family and work. You know that cleaning takes up time. And to some, time is money and even quality time with our loved ones. I do not know about you, house cleaning is not of one chores that will make you additional money – perhaps maybe some quality time with your family… but I doubt that your family will clean the house with you (unless it’s New Year Spring Cleaning Time).

4) You do not like someone (not of your family or friend) to live in your house. I have heard some of our clients telling us their main reason for using our weekly house cleaning is because they are not comfortable living with some stranger. So they prefer to have a part time day maid, cleaning on a weekly basis.

But of course not everyone wants weekly house cleaning – they may be looking for one time cleaning for their moving in, post-renovation, rental house, etc… What ever you prefer, you can always contact us and we will advise on which cleaning packages is suitable for you.

Contact us now for weekly or one time house cleaning – Make Your Home Clean and Dust-Free With Us!

More Questions And Answers Regarding Our Cleaning Services

By CleaningServices On April 20, 2010 NO COMMENTS

Here are more of our Q & A our clients are asking on our house cleaning services:

1) Can we use the weekly cleaning services once every two weeks instead?

Ans: Yes, you can do that. We would need you to inform us via email at least before we start the cleaning sessions, or at least 3 days in advance when it’s in the process. The maximum that we allow is once every 2 weeks for weekly house cleaning.

2) Do we need to have provide the cleaning equipment?

Ans: Yes, basic cleaning equipments like vacuum/ broom with bust pan, mop and pail are all that we need for house cleaning.

3) Is HouseCleaningSingapore.com a registered company in Singapore?

Ans: HouseCleaningSingapore.com is a umbrella business under Lead Generation (S) Pte Ltd, registered no: 201001009W.

4) Is there a trial for your house cleaning?

Ans: Yes, we do have a house cleaning trial for those who have never used us before. The house cleaning trial is one maid, 3 hours one time trial, ONLY for new clients. This is trial is $60. Additional hour will be $20 more for each maid.

5) What is your payment method?

Ans: You can pay us via cheque or wire transfer. We will email you the details once confirm the cleaning services.

6) Do you do office cleaning too?

Ans: As of now, we are not ready to do office cleaning yet, as we do not have the vehicle to transport the cleaning equipments. But we hope that can be done by end of this year. Of course if your office has the basic cleaning equipment of vacuum, mop and pail, we are able to start on the office cleaning.

7) What other services do you offer too?

We provide house painting services and wall mural design too.

We would try to be flexible to our clients when they have a special request for cleaning services. Please use our contact form to enquire house cleaning for your home now.

House Cleaning Services Cost In Singapore

By CleaningServices On April 10, 2010 NO COMMENTS

A few of our enquirers were asking how much the cost of cleaning their homes will cost. Although in our web page on one time house cleaning services and weekly house cleaning services did  share how much our cost for using part time house keepers (we prefer to call our cleaners house keepers, it sounds more professional), people still ask about the price.

So here we have it for the one time and weekly house cleaning cost:

One Time House Cleaning Services Cost/Price:

One Time Cleaning Services Rates

Packages Rates No of Hours Cleaning Suitable for House in Square Feet
One Maid Package $100 3 Hours House Area less than 600 Sq feet (Studio Apartment)
One Maid Package $120 4 Hours House Area from 601 ~ 800 sq feet (3 Room HDB)
One Maid Package $140 5 Hours House Area from 801 ~ 1000 sq ft (4 Room HDB, 2 bedroom condo)
Two Maid Package $160 3 hours House Area from 1001 ~ 1200 sq ft (4 or 5 room HDB, 2 bedroom condo)
Two Maid Package $190 4 Hours House Area from 1201 ~ 1500 sq ft (5 room HDB, 3 bedroom condo)
Two Maid Package $220 5 Hours House Area from 1501 ~ 1700 sq ft (4 bedroom condo)
Three Maid Package $260 4 Hours House Area from 1701 ~ 2000 sq ft (4 bedroom condo)
Three Maid Package $300 5 Hours House Area from 2001 ~ 2500 sq ft (Landed property)
Three Maid Package $340 6 Hours House Area from 2501 ~ 3000 sq ft (Landed property)

Below are the weekly cleaning services packages;

Weekly House Keeping Service Package Deals

Relax Package $200 One Maid 3 Hrs Once a Week, 4 times a month (< 900 sq ft) Suitable for 3 room HDB, 1 or 2 bedroom Condo
$250 One Maid 4 Hrs Once a Week, 4 times a month (< 1100 sq ft) Suitable for 3 or 4 room HDB, 2 or 3 bedroom Condo
$320 One Maid 5 Hrs Once a Week, 4 times a month (<1300 sq ft) Suitable for 4 or 5 room HDB ,or 4 room HDB Executive Apartment, or 3 or 4 bedroom Condo
Comfort Package $360 One Maid 3 Hrs Twice a Week, 8 times a month (< 11oo sq ft) Suitable for 3 or 4 room HDB, HDB Executive Apartment , 4 bedroom Condo
$440 One Maid 4 Hrs Twice a Week, 8 times a month (<1300 sq ft) Suitable for 4 or 5 room HDB, or 4 bedroom Condo, or HDB Executive Apartment
$520 One Maid 5 Hrs Twice a Week, 8 times a month (< 1500 sq ft) Suitable for 5 room HDB, or 4 room HDB Executive Apartment, or HDB Masionette
Luxury Package $500 One Maid 3 Hrs Thrice a Week, 12 times a month (< 1200 sq ft) Suitable for HDB Masionette and Penthouse
$600 One Maid 4 Hrs Thrice a Week, 12 times a month (< 1450 sq ft) Suitable for HDB Masionette and Penthouse
$750 One Maid 5 Hrs Thrice a Week, 12 times a month (< 1700 sq ft) suitable for semi D, Terrace house, and Landed Property

Note that the above packages are for references, and may not finish on time due to extra work or the difficulty areas in cleaning, thus prolonging the time to finish up. There will be an additional of $20 charges for each house keepers for an additional hour of work.

And we realised that most of the time, there will not be enough time to finish up. So that is why we allow our customers to upgrade to the next additional cleaning if there is not enough time.

For example, Mr X wants us to clean his condo of 3 bedroom condo (1,389 sq feet). So I will recommend him the 2 Maids 4 hours package, and inform him that if there is a need to increase additional time suddenly, we would upgrade him to the 2 Maids 5 hours package instead.

In this case, Mr X does not need to pay for the additional extension hour for the two house keepers ($40), but instead only pay the difference of $20 from 2 Maids 4 hours package, to 5 Maids 5 hours package. Saving Mr X $20.

Once the cleaning service is done, you can use wire transfer or cheque to make the payment to the cleaning services you prefer.

Contact us now using our cleaning services form to book our part time house keepers.